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Take control of your revenue with ChartPathRCM.

Improve financial operations and gain insights into your most important business metrics.
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The power of billing is in your hands with ChartPathRCM.

Cloud-based RCM software dedicated to maximizing reimbursements and streamlining operational efficiencies around medical billing.

what we do

ChartPathRCM software manages the entire process from the moment you publish your note until your claim is paid.

In a world of ever-changing regulations, you need a partner that will help provide transparency around your bottom line.

LTPAC Focused

We know the long-term and post-acute care space like the back of our hands. That means when it comes to compliant and efficient reimbursements, we know what's best for your practice.

Actionable Analytics

With real-time data insights, inform and act on key business decisions using reporting tools within ChartPathRCM.

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Improve Efficiency

With customized reporting, automation, and integrated clearinghouse, break down inefficiencies across your business to optimize performance and revenue opportunities.

Our Software

Cloud-based billing software to manage your practice.

  • Interactive workflow dashboard
  • Easy to navigate workflow
  • Powerful reporting engine to provide flexible insights
  • Manage and edit large volumes of data
  • Integrated clearinghouse

Empower your team to maximize reimbursements

RCM Features

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Our users rave about how ChartPath saves them time and money every day. In fact, they call it the most user-friendly clinical charting tool on the market!
“Donovan saved me $6.99 for the gigantic bottle of Advil I would  have needed for the headache this  would have been otherwise.  He is a life saver.”
“I know I could come off as cliche when I say it’s the little  things that matter, but if the little things never got done,  they’d become impossibly huge and hard to manage.  Thank you for managing all these little things  before they become a mountain. You are awesome! I appreciate all that you do to make my  life so much easier!”
Steve H.
Managing Director
“Yes! I am so excited!! Thank you so much Kevin and Donovan for your hard work!”
Sarah K.
LTPAC Founder

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