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An EHR built specifically for your LTPAC workflow

  • Complete patient census management across all your facilities
  • Streamlined charting with one-click pull forward from prior charts
  • Automatically send your notes to facilities

With ChartPathEHR, it really is that easy.

  • Designed to help you succeed with MIPS and APMs
  • Meaningful reporting and insight to your practice
  • Integrated and automated with billing platforms

Features designed to keep your focus on care.

LTPAC Specific Design - Location and Provider Based

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CP mimics the workflow of providers who practice in multiple facilities outside a clinic setting.

Most EHR systems use a hospital or office based design. When used in LTPAC, these systems do not mimic the workflow of providers and cause unnecessary clicking and “work arounds”. Using an office or hospital based EHR in the LTPAC setting is like trying to put a round object in a square hole.

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Customizable "Pull Forward" option

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Allows providers to re-copy patient data from previous encounters and avoid redundant data entry.

Patients in the LTPAC setting often have chronic conditions that do not materially change between encounters.  Pull forward helps to save time when charting. Customizable pull-forward between encounters minimizes retyping while protecting your practice from Medicare audits. Also allows pulling forward from specific encounters so your specialists and primary care can choose which prior documentation to use.

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"Top Picks" button for complex medical conditions

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Top Picks button allows the provider to select from 45 common medical conditions related to the elderly population.  Once a condition is selected, it codified the condition into CPT codes.  Top Picks is especially helpful for patients with multiple complex conditions.

Often elderly patients have multiple medical conditions.  The "Top Picks" button helps the clinician to document and address these complex cases.

Patient Flagging

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User may set clinical or administrative "flags" for patients.   This allows providers to call attention to specific patients.

Sometimes a practice or provider will want to draw attention to specific issues relevant to care or administration.  Flagging is an easy way call attention such as if a patient has Covid-19, is a fall risk, or been vaccinated.

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Full psychotherapy and psychiatry support with custom note content per specialty.

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This should be higher up. Now that we have these listed out, we can categorize or prioritize them.

Unlike other EHR systems, ChartPath recognizes that patients in a post acute setting are often treated for mental illness and includes notes specific for psychotherapy and psychiatry.

Secure, HIPAA-compliant email or fax to facilities

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Allows new and updated patient charts to be transmitted to the facility automatically.

Encounters at LTPAC facilities have to be recorded with the facility.   Using the HIPAA compliant fax or email system allows providers to easily transmit records to the facility without printing paper copies and physically filing the encounter with the facility.

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“Donovan saved me $6.99 for the gigantic bottle of Advil I would  have needed for the headache this  would have been otherwise.  He is a life saver.”
“I know I could come off as cliche when I say it’s the little  things that matter, but if the little things never got done,  they’d become impossibly huge and hard to manage.  Thank you for managing all these little things  before they become a mountain. You are awesome! I appreciate all that you do to make my  life so much easier!”
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