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Everything we do in ChartPathEHR is done to make your life easier and we’d love to show you how fanatic we are about this.
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More time providing great care and less time charting.

LTPAC Design

ChartPath EHR mimics the workflow of LTPAC providers who practice in multiple facilities outside of a clinic setting. No extra clicks or workarounds to see the next patient, no matter where they are.

Customize at any level

For patients with chronic conditions requiring significant documentation that rarely changes from encounter to encounter, you have the power to pull forward. Completely customizable for the practice to support any level of documentation requirements. Minimize redundant clicks and typing while still protecting your practice from audits.

Top Picks and other Tricks
The Top Picks buttons in ChartPath EHR allow the provider to select from the most common medical conditions related to their patient population. Document complex patients and visits quickly and backed by structured data to succeed with MIPS and APM requirements. Ask us how our Convert to List feature can save you an hour every day!
Smart Coding

ChartPath EHR automatically suggests common CPT codes based on notes and facilities as well as the appropriate ICD-10 codes. You won’t miss searching and scrolling for the right code.

Integrated eRx

You don’t need to jump into a different system to send a prescription. ChartPath EHR’s integrated eRx tool allows providers to prescribe, refill, and track prescriptions for patients without leaving the note. Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) and Prescription Drug Monitoring Program integrations are included as well.

Multi-disciplinary and multi-modal, ChartPath is built for versatility.

Patients don’t have one single need and many practices have begun to embrace a multi-specialty care model. Unlike other EHRs, ChartPath EHR can support your Primary Care, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine and Rehab, and other specialties.

And yeah. It's really easy to use.

There is nothing to install.

You can use ChartPath from any modern web browser on computers, tablets and even a smart microwave. Well, maybe not that. But generally, if it’s connected to the internet, you’re connected to ChartPath.

ChartPath EHR is intuitive

While many EHR systems require “drilling down” into data selection, ChartPath EHR focuses on simple interactions and elegant design to make sure you have access to whatever you need right away.


Some people like to talk more than type, we get that. With ChartPath EHR’s integrated dictation tool, you can use our robust medical dictation tool on any device, not just on one computer. Want to switch from your computer to your laptop, then to your tablet? No problem, dictation is always there with you.


From auto save to auto send, you don’t have to worry about the small stuff. ChartPath EHR automatically saves your work so you don’t have to so you’ll never lose that whole chart when your toddler spills milk on your keyboard. And when you’re finished with the note, ChartPathEHR automatically sends it to the facility and your billing service.


We know ChartPath EHR is easy, but sometimes users need help. So we’re here for you around the clock, every day. No matter when you need us, your call will be answered by a human being on our team in Austin, Texas.

Built for how you want to run your practice.

Key Software Features

LTPAC Specific Design - Location and Provider Based


Simply connect to the internet and unlock PUREDI from anywhere at any time

Most EHR systems use a hospital or office based design. When used in LTPAC, these systems do not mimic the workflow of providers and cause unnecessary clicking and “work arounds”. Using an office or hospital based EHR in the LTPAC setting is like trying to put a round object in a square hole.

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Customizable "Pull Forward" option


Unlimited connectivity options to EHR’s and third party products

Patients in the LTPAC setting often have chronic conditions that do not materially change between encounters.  Pull forward helps to save time when charting. Customizable pull-forward between encounters minimizes retyping while protecting your practice from Medicare audits. Also allows pulling forward from specific encounters so your specialists and primary care can choose which prior documentation to use.

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"Top Picks" button for complex medical conditions


Custom plug-in apps to meet your client’s needs

Often elderly patients have multiple medical conditions.  The "Top Picks" button helps the clinician to document and address these complex cases.

Patient Flagging


User specific dashboard tracking all phases of the revenue cycle

Sometimes a practice or provider will want to draw attention to specific issues relevant to care or administration.  Flagging is an easy way call attention such as if a patient has Covid-19, is a fall risk, or been vaccinated.

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Full psychotherapy and psychiatry support with custom note content per specialty.


One click is better than four clicks to affect change

Unlike other EHR systems, ChartPath recognizes that patients in a post acute setting are often treated for mental illness and includes notes specific for psychotherapy and psychiatry.

Secure, HIPAA-compliant email or fax to facilities


Unlimited options, real-time, customized favorites, or create on the fly

Encounters at LTPAC facilities have to be recorded with the facility.   Using the HIPAA compliant fax or email system allows providers to easily transmit records to the facility without printing paper copies and physically filing the encounter with the facility.

Soft Stops


HIPAA compliant messaging with drag and drop document upload feature

Extended encounters with higher reimbursement potential require additional documentation.  It is easy to overlook detailed documentation requirements for complex encounters.  Soft stops helps to ensure a provider charge for a complex or extended encounter will be honored by the payer.

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Intuitive Quick Navigation Interface


Seamlessly and completely integrated

Some EHR systems require "drilling down" or the extensive use of drop down menus to access patient information.   CP eliminates time-consuming clicking and searching by loading all information at once and adding simple one click buttons to get to the part of the patient chart of interest.

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MIPS Dashboard and Registry


Create your look and write your rules

The CMS Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) can impact reimbursement up or down by nearly 20%.   Achieving MIPS quality performance measures can result in bonus reimbursement while failing can result in financial penalties.  The MIPS dashboard and registry allows providers and practices to track MIPS performance and have that data submitted to CMS.

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"Quick Info" Widget


Electronic posting of patient payments

Providers can quickly look up relevant patient information quickly using prominent buttons beneath each patient's demographics page.  This saves time having to sift through records to get basics such as vitals, allergies, medication and diagnosis before an new encounter.

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Smart Coding


Ability to do more with fewer resources

Based on notes, CP will suggest common CPT codes associated with the encounter and facility avoiding time consuming searches.  When adding ICD-10 codes for billing, CP suggests most common codes to save time.

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“If” and “then” redefined

eRX allows easy prescribing of medication directly from CP.  Controlled substances may be prescribed electronically in compliance with regulations regarding the Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPSC) and Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).

RVU Tracking


User specific dashboard tracking all phases of the revenue cycle

Practices with multiple providers have a need to monitor the performance of employees and partners.  RVU tracking and reporting in CP allows practice managers to monitor the output of individual providers and overall output of the practice.



One click is better than four clicks to affect change

If devices runs out of power, breaks or internet connection goes out, CP ensures that all data entered is saved so that charting can resume without manual re-entry.

Zero-cost billing company integration.


Unlimited options, real-time, customized favorites, or create on the fly

Some EHR's charge for integrating with a billing company.   ChartPath never charges to integrate with your billing company.

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Dictation across any kind of device


HIPAA compliant messaging with drag and drop document upload feature

Unlike some dictation services that require installation on a single computer, the CP dictation service can be used on any device.

24/7/365 Support by direct ChartPath employees


Support calls are answered by a CP employee within minutes.

Some EHR companies use third party or offshore support services.   CP uses US based employees to answer support calls quickly and allows the provider to get back to delivering and documenting quality care.

Specialty Encounters: Advanced Care Planning


ACP Advanced Care Planning

Specialty Encounters: Annual Wellness Visits


AWV Annual Wellness Visits

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Specialty Encounters: Chronic Care Management


CCM Chronic Care Management

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Specialty Encounters: Home Health Certification


HHC Home Health Certification

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